If it is urgent --  contact the High School's Main Office by dialing 345-9200 Ask to speak to your child's guidance counselor.  

If you would like to look up the name yourself assignments are here

Simply, explain why you called.  The department or the counselor will get in touch with me, in the best way possible, so that I may promptly return your call.

If it is not urgent:

e-mail:     jgalanaugh@longwoodcsd.com

You may contact me at the HS by dialing 345-9200 and leaving a voice mail message.


Reminder, all work e-mailed to me is not considered received unless I have e-mailed you a reply.  I frequently check my e-mail during school hours; however, if your grade is depending on an assignment you have failed to turn in on time-- I will accept a US postmark addressed to me here at Longwood as the date completed and submitted to me.

Snail Mail:

Longwood Senior High School

L.S.H.S. 100 Longwood Road,

Middle Island, NY 11953