The new grade book program IGPRO allows me to print out an accurate snapshot of every average for every child--  eventually you may be able to view these on line;  however, while there will always be a delay of about a week in the accuracy of the grade, it is important to know that some assignments are weighted so that they are worth more than others (this is indicated in my work for the week). 

I can't believe that I have to write this warning;  however, due to recent classroom events, I am forewarning you that inappropriately suggestive, illegal, vulgar, profane, explicit material will receive the grade of a zero-- if it is included as part of a portfolio -- the entire portfolio will receive the grade of a zero.  Additionally, I will need to refer the material to parents, administration, mental health professionals, even alert law enforcement in cases where it may be warranted.

Additionally, a single project that is worth 20% of a grade may have a serious impact on a students average-- so that a student with the average of 75 who doesn't complete the assignment will find they now have a 55 average when the 0 is calculated into their grade.

With the delay of a week in scoring and entering the scores is a delay in my being able to access a printer. 

There is usually a one day turn around time in providing a status report due to limited printer access.

Also, due to the limited space in the viewable area online-- I am notating each assignment as indicated in the following:

Reminder, all work e-mailed to me is not considered received unless I have e-mailed you a reply.  I frequently check my e-mail during school hours; however, if your grade is depending on an assignment you have failed to turn in on time-- I will accept a US postmark addressed to me here at Longwood Senior H.S. as the date completed and submitted to me.