The bar is important on such a hot day! (90's)!

Our Banners!


More Banners!

Dave's Actual Family Crest-- Wow! Great effort!

Doug (best man) and Jim mingle...

Waiting on the rock

Dave and Jim

Paul meets the Galanaughs

The Bagpipes Herald

The Bridal Party arrives

The Master at Arms escorts Faerie Cynthia!

The Honor Guard arrives in force!

The Bride is Escorted.

The Ceremony... and the seven vows..

The rings

I do

kiss! The Rose Ceremony
The Bell... And now for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Galanaugh
The Honor Guard have a great idea! Photo-time...
Coeur De'Lion Jessica and the Mistress of Revels! Dance Lessons in 100 Degree Weather! Laura and Alison Rock!
Stuck on a rock   Get me mine ale wench! Proud Parents Lisa and the Faries! Ed and Doug
Pamela's Traveling Feast... Stick the boar! mmmmm mmmmm ...their marriage be the longest running comedy!... Huzzah! mmmm
Jen and Ed! Ed and Terry thanks for these pictures!     Howie and Diane!    
  About one third of The Galanaugh's Chris and Dave John and Peaceful


Thank you again for the great pictures Ed and Terry!!!


Out in the Park: