Hi Dor....These are the materials and supplies we need for September......There are three vendors involved.....J&R Music world, for the 2 vcrs, Adwar for the Screenplay unit and the cables, and GPN Educational Media for the curricular materials....Thank you!!!!!! (That GPN is a goldmine.....these things will be useful for other members of the department as well!)

Please order these materials for Broadcast Journalism/Journalism, Film & TV courses for Fall 2006:

Order from:

GPN Educational Media

P.O. Box 80669

Lincoln, NE 68501-0669


Fax: 800-306-2330

Email: gpn@unl.edu

Web: gpn.unl.edu

Signal to Noise # 1147 $139.95

Video #1: Watching TV Watching Us: Among the seven segments

are a behind-the scenes profile of a Super Bowl Pepsi ad, a video visit to the national cable show and a self-portrait of a young Puerto Rican woman reflecting on growing-up with I Dream of Jeannie. Video #2: TV Reality? Focusing on TV News and public affairs. Segments include a video visit to the world's biggest local news consulting firm; a humorous view of reality shows; and interviews with Linda Ellerbee and Walter Cronkite. Video #3: Remote Control: This look into the future of television includes a 6-minute history of TV; a critical take on the media package of Rush Limbaugh; and a wry look at the future of telecommunications. (1996 / 180 minutes)

Stay Tuned

Television's Unforgettable Moments #1448 $29.95

With literally hundreds of primary sources at your fingertips, Stay Tuned is one of the most useful and cost-effective resources for media literacy across the curriculum. (2002 / 192 pages; DVD and 2 audio CDs)

TV: What You Don't See (1997 / 283 pages)

# 1251 $69.95

The video introduces teens to the core concepts of

media literacy by visiting a TV editing studio, an advertising agency, and interviewing a popular rap group who created a parody to help viewers "see through" the messages in music videos. After an in depth talk on news values with anchor Peter Jennings, join in as teens conduct a workshop to organize their peers to promote positive news coverage of young people.



Creating Critical TV Viewers:

A Video Resource to Better Understand Television

Six 15-minute video segments on core media topics: news, advertising,

editing, stereotyping. (1992 / 90 minutes) # 1238 $59.95

History of Media (order all 4)

4-Video Series on the History of Media

A Video History of Newspapers

Traces news publications from colonial days

to the present, including such colorful legends

as Zenger, Hearst, and Pulitzer.

(2001 / 50 minutes)

# 1382 $19.95


The Window to the World

An insider's look at the huge industry television

has become. Features interviews with media

moguls and TV personalities as well as behind

the screen leaders. (1996 / 50 minutes)

# 1426 $19.95

Radio: Out of Thin Air

Learn about radio pioneers, hear early broadcasts

and gain insight from historians and

personalities like Casey Kasem and Larry King.

(1997 / 50 minutes)

# 1425 $24.95

Sell and Spin:

A Video History of Advertising

A fascinating journey through the history of ads

and advertising practices. Narrated by David Frost.

(1999 / 90 minutes)

# 1315 $29.95


Beyond Blame: Challenging Violence in the Media

Teen/Adult Unit

Participants explore deeper issues of violence in sports, local news, music videos and movies.

# 1202.008 with intro unit $99.95

A unique media literacy curriculum in five units.

A practical and positive approach to TV, movies, cartoons, music and games. Developed over a two-year period by a team of media literacy experts and violence prevention specialists, this acclaimed resource contains a wealth of video-based lessons, group activities and reproducible worksheets providing you with a 'toolbox' to help students practice basic skills: writing, critical thinking, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and more. The program includes ready-to-use lesson plans with age-appropriate activities; illustrated reproducibles which promote lively learning; and short, selected video clips for every unit.



She Says: Women in News # 1440 $49.95

This powerful documentary examines how women

journalists with decision-making power are changing

the actual agenda of news-- and by changing the story,

are changing the world. It captures the perspectives

of ten top female journalists and examines the unique personality traits that make them voices for change. Originally broadcast on PBS, the video is a great catalyst for dialogue in journalism or women's studies courses.


Get the News? # 1474 $69.95

A hip lesson in news media literacy for post 9/11

teens, this 30-minute video provides practical tips for

young people to evaluate the news, whether on TV, in

newspapers or on the Internet. An episode of the PBS series for teens, In the Mix, it intercuts thoughtful comments by ordinary teens with questions posed to news professionals including Peter Jennings, Serena Altschul and Bill O'Reilly.





Is Seeing Believing? #1140 $29.95

How Can You Tell What's Real?

This expertly produced teaching package helps students

in grades 7 to 12 become more critical consumers of

news photos and images on TV and in newspapers.

The 22 minute video introduces how tricks of photo

retouching and computer imaging can alter images,

offering an exploration of ethics in today's photojournalism and comments from leading news professionals. The workbook features dozens of in-class activities around famous photos such as the retouched O.J. Simpson magazine covers. (1997 / 22



Scanning Television / # 1146.001 2 DVD package $249.95

Second Edition

This award-winning collection of short video segments encourages students to celebrate as well as critically analyze the media. 51 copyright-cleared segments (averaging 6 minutes) cover key media issues from advertising and pop culture to diversity, terrorism, and anti-racism. Included in the collection is the famous BBC mockumentary Spaghetti Story and the amusing short film on sound effects (Track Stars) along with the Zapruder tape of the Kennedy assassination and media coverage of September 11th. Clearly articulated lesson plans support each segment and provide a wealth of discussion and activity ideas. Four copies of the 84 page teacher's guide are included, allowing 4 teachers to use the program at the same time-- making it more cost effective.


Total cost of order from GPN Educational Media: $894.35


Order from J&R Music World www.jr.com

Qty: 2 JVC Model # SR-V101US S-VHS VCR.

Price $259.99 each ( We ordered the same unit from them last year, best price around)


Equipment Order from Adwar Video (existing vendor)

Qty: 1 Model: Applied Magic, ScreenPlay Academic Edition

Video Production System

60 GB item # 21617013


Qty: 2 Length 15-foot

Series: TecNec

Model: FIRE4/4-6

TecNec 4-Pin to 4-Pin FireWire Cables

Qty: 2 Length 15-foot

Series: TecNec

Model: FIRE6/4-6

TecNec 6-Pin to 4-Pin FireWire Cables

Qty: 2 Length 75-foot

Series: TecNec

Model: DV-DV-75

TecNec Extended Distance 4-Pin DV FireWire Cables

Qty: 2 Length 50-foot

Series: TecNec

Model: SV4-SV4-50

TecNec SVHS 4-pin M to 4-pin M Cable 50ft.


Blank DVDs for students (100?)