English 11R  Course Requirements


Mission Statement

English 11R is designed to help students read, write, discuss, and analyze a variety of American literature in accordance with the New York State Learning Standards for English Language Arts. We are committed to providing a challenging, rewarding course that will enable students to reach their highest potentials.



Students will:


Notebook Requirement

A three-ring binder is required for all English classes. Expect periodic notebook checks and quizzes.


Grading Procedures

Quarter grades will be determined based on the following:

            Class participation………………20%




            Term Paper/Projects…………….20%

                        1st quarter………. research paper

                        2nd quarter……….complete regents exam

                        3rd quarter……….poetry project

                        4th quarter……….film study


Assignments are expected on the due date. A penalty of 10 points per day will be deducted for each day an assignment is late unless the student has made prior arrangements with the teacher.



Regular attendance in school is a prerequisite for academic success. All students at Longwood High School are expected to be present in their classes every day unless legally absent from school. Any illegal absence from class is considered a “cut.”


            1st cut: Detention “A”                Parent/guardian contact

            2nd cut: Detention “A”               Parent/guardian contact

            3rd cut: Detention “B”                Meeting with administrator/administrator makes         

                                                             Parental contact



Teachers will record all tardiness. Late arrival to class causes a disruption for all students in the class. Therefore all students should make every effort to arrive to class on time. Unexcused tardiness will result in the following consequences:


            1st offense: verbal warning by teacher

            2nd offense: parent/guardian notified by teachers

            3rd offense: “A” detention

            4th offense: “B” detention, administrative parent/guardian conference


Required Texts

The Language of Literature                                         (Provided)

Vocabulary Workshop Level F (Units 1-12)               Must be purchased at the school store.


Reading List


Title                                                                            Author                         Genre


Semester One

Unit 1: Origins and Encounters                                

“The World on the Turtle’s Back”                                 Iroquois                        myth    

“The Man to Send Rainclouds”                                    Silko                             short story

“I will fight No More Forever”                                     Chief Joseph                  speech


Unit 2: From Colony to Country

The Crucible                                                                 Arthur Miller                 drama

“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”                        Edwards                       sermon


Unit 3: The Spirit of Individualism

“I hear American Singing”                                             Whitman                       poem

“I, Too”                                                                        Hughes                         poem

The Old Man and the Sea                                             Hemingway                  novella

“A Rose for Emily”                                                       Faulkner                       short story


Unit 4: Civil War Literature

“The Narrative of Frederick Douglass”                          Douglass                      nonfiction

“Frederick Douglass”                                                    Hayden                        poem


January Regents Preparation

Semester Two

Unit 5: The Changing Face of America

Selected Works                                                            Dickinson                     poetry

“The Yellow Wallpaper”                                               Gilman                          short story

“I Stand Here Ironing”                                                  Olsen                           short story

“Story of an Hour”                                                        Chopin                         short story

“Mirror”                                                                       Plath                             poem

“Self in 1958”                                                               Sexton                          poem

Mona Lisa Smile                                                                                               film


Unit 6: The Modern Age

The Catcher in the Rye                                                 Salinger                        novel

Selected Works                                                            Frost                            poetry

“Chicago”                                                                     Sandburg                      poem

“Lucinda Matlock”                                                       Masters                        poem

“Richard Cory”                                                             Robinson                      poem

“Coming of Age in Mississippi”                                     Moody                         nonfiction

“The Weary Blues”                                                       Hughes                         poem

Catch Me if You Can                                                                                       film


Unit 7: Conflict at Home and Abroad

“The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner”                           Jarrell                           poem

“Dear America: Letters Home                                       Olsen                           film

from Vietnam”

“Camouflaging the Cimera”                                           Komunyakaa                poem

“At the Justice Department,                                           Levertov                       poem

November 15, 1969”

Good Morning Vietnam                                                                                    film


Unit 8: Issues for Our Time

“Separating”                                                                 Updike                         short story

“Revolutionary Dreams”                                               Giovanni                       poem

“Teenage Wasteland”                                                   Tyler                            short story

“Hostage”                                                                    Oates                           short Story

Finding Forrester                                                                                              film


Students who plan to take the SAT Exam should pay particular attention to their study of vocabulary in the 11th grade. Any and all reading in addition to classroom assignments will also be helpful.